29 Jan

Look what’s blocking!

I just might be more excited to start a new project than I am about this one being almost done. The thrill I feel when I finally finish a project for which I have put all others on hold is the same as I’d imagine it is for people who do Black Friday shopping. Usually this project’s last days seem endless as I daydream about all the others that I want to be working on. When that last end has been woven in or the last blocking pin has been placed I probably I look the same as those folks who are first in line at Walmart at 4am the day after Thanksgiving. I rush to whatever project I’ve been waiting for, almost too giddy with excitement to cast on correctly. Often times my excitement over starting something new outweighs my desire to actually knit the next project I choose and I end up getting buyer’s remorse and not caring about the project once the new project euphoria wears off.

Case in point: my Hiroshige mittens. I was so very excited to plan and dream about these while I was finishing up other projects.

I dyed the yarn (the light blue), did a gauge swatch, worked the first dozen rows, then stalled. I think the plan of these mittens was much more enticing to me than the actual project. I don’t know that I even feel the desire to work on these now. My thrift makes me feel like I should though simply because I paid for the pattern.

This time I’m trying to be more cautious. Waiting eagerly in the wings for the Bergen Street cardigan to be done is a hat and slippers. The hat is Peas and Lettuce, an adorably cute pattern written by my friend Jane, bobble queen extraordinaire.

The slippers are some thrummed squishy goodness that I hope to have the pattern for come mid-February. Just look at that pile of merino roving.

I’d be happy just wrapping it around my feet and calling it good, but I promise a much more interesting project is in store. Stay tuned.


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